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O'Hara Flooding

A Flash Flood Warning was issued for much of Allegheny County due to the heavy rain that began falling early Thursday morning.

There are numerous reports of flash flooding all across the area. One of the worst hit places is O’Hara Township.

“When you get that much water, there are only so many places it can go,” said Julie Jakubec, O’Hara Township’s manager.

When the first wave of flood waters hit O’Hara Township Thursday morning, Kittanning Pike was hit hard.

Resident Betsy Summer tried to save her car in the flood waters but was forced to hang on to another car as flood waters rushed below her.

She was rescued by firefighters, who she called “angels from heaven.”

“I would have bounced right on down the street, toward the river,” Summers said. “I would have been pummeled by the debris.”

Etna Warehouse Fire

There were storage units on the ground floor of the block-long warehouse for things like household goods and construction materials. The second floor, which partially collapsed, housed as many as 150 or more vehicles, including motorcycles and every size and make of car imaginable, some classics, others antiques.

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